Dad ‘shattered’ as six-week-old baby ‘with hole in heart’ dies months after daughter

Roy, 43, and Vanessa Jones, 32, have spoken of their heartbreak as baby Callan, who had a hole in the bottom chambers of his heart, died just three months after their daughter

A couple have been left “shattered” over the death of their newborn – who died just three months after they lost their daughter.

Roy, 43, and Vanessa Jones, 32, from Dundee, lost their six-week-old son Callan in September, after he was born with a hole in the bottom chambers of his heart

News of him being terminally ill came just as the couple grieved the death of Roy’s daughter Naiomi, 21, who tragically died in June.

The couple were told Callan had only days to live in August, but the baby managed to fight for six weeks before sadly dying on September 27, the Daily Record reports.

The grieving family now say they would never have made it through the heart-wrenching experience without the support of children’s hospice Rachel House, in Kinross, where Callan spent the end of his life.

Speaking to the Record, Roy said: “Rachel House is a beautiful place and because of it we all got to be together in the last week of Callan’s life.

“When we went for the 20-week scan they said to us they tube that goes to the lungs was really thin, he would need an operation for a shunt to go in.

“They said they would have to wait till Callan was born and see.

“When he was born he got a CAT scan and it was a lot worse than we thought.”

After his birth on August 11 at Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital, doctors discovered Callan had Truncus arteriosus – a rare type of heart disease that causes severe circulatory problems.

This meant there was a hole in the bottom chambers of the youngster’s heart as he only had one main blood vessel carrying blood away from the heart rather than two.

After staying in Glasgow for a week, Roy and Vanessa decided it was time to take Callan home to be with their other four children.

They spent time in Ninewells Hospital, before finding some comfort at Rachel House.

Roy, who works in Tesco, continued: “I had a daughter called Naiomi and she was 21. I lost Naiomi in June and then we lost Callan as well.

“When I lost Naiomi it shattered me. We just thought wee Callan needed a operation but it wasn’t.

“They couldn’t do the operation as it would have been too much for his body and he wouldn’t have survived.

“We were stuck down in Glasgow with no other family, just me and Vanessa. It was really hard. When we exhausted everything and knew there was nothing else we could do we came home.

“We weren’t keen on Rachel House at first, we didn’t want to go but we went on a visit. We fell in love with the place.

“It was like the wee man knew it was a safe place as when we had been there a day he started to deteriorate.

“I never knew about Rachel House until Callan. For that kind of place not to be known with everything it does, people need to know.

“If they can do for anybody else what they have done for us then we have done something right speaking out.”

Following the financial pressure from Naiomi and Callan’s funeral expenses, the couple are hoping to raise money for Callan’s headstone.

The pair are also dedicated to raising as much awareness as Rachel House as possible as they have been fundraising for house, run by charity CHAS, in memory of Callan following his death.

They have been selling football cards and plan to do a bonus ball with some exceptional donated prizes, including a hotel stay and a donation from Rangers FC.